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Passion Petal

After a long hiatus from creating, I’m finally in the studio making pretty hair accessories again.



You may have noticed that Hair Fairy Clips has had a mini make over. I love changing things regularly to keep you all on your toes. The new logo very girly with super cute fairies and pink banner.

Some of my packaging will still have the old logo on it until used up. I care about the trees used to print these items and feel its unjust to throw them away.

One of the best highlights about this makeover is free posting on Aussie orders $50 or more. That’s an awesome saving of up to $6.95. If you would like express or registered instead of regular, shot me an email before ordering. These services will cost extra.

Meanwhile I’m working on a new felt flower collection, and I can’t wait to showcase it shortly.

Kelly xo


My design process started with thought I have, usually late at night when I am in bed trying to sleep. Sometimes these ideas won’t go away until I get out of bed and heat up my glue gun and try it out. It starts with colours that I think would look pretty together. I get inspiration from magazines, blogs and pinterest.

Once I have the colours set I look for a feature piece to complete the look, like a crown, rhinestone, button or a pearl bead. You will find me legs crossed on the floor in my studio with boxes everywhere trying different embellishments together until I find the perfect combination. After making it, it needs to pass the Skye test. This is where I ask my daughter Skye to wear it for a whole day. If I still like the design at the end of the day it has a good chance of becoming a new product in my store.

The pretty posie collection has been very popular and I have been thinking about making some single styles for girls that don’t wear pairs. Maybe with double leaves for double the fun. I might use a longer alligator hair clip to hold onto my hair for older girls or funky mums to wear. So stay tuned…


Since buying our (renovators delight) house a little over a year ago now, we have plans in our heads about all the things we would like to do with our garden. We haven’t started any of them yet. Were still finishing projects inside, then we will make outside beautiful too. I love the fact we have a lemon tree, roses, and a camellia. These plants will stay, and we will built our dream garden around them.

It might take a year or two though, to save up the money to do it. And we’ll need to paint outside first. My husband and I still haven’t agreed on the colour scheme. But the cream and maroon will go in the future. I like to idea of white & grey but I’m not too sure if they will suit our orange bricked home.


I have the most gorgeous on-line friend and her name is Prue. We met years ago, when Prue was running a accessories website and one day out of the blue she sent me an email to say hello. We hit it off immediately and keep in contact regularly on facebook. I have had the privileged of watching Prue start and grow her beautiful photography business. You must go and see her super awesome work here. Prue’s daughters Hariyett and Gretel are the beautiful models wearing Hair Fairy Clips above.

Photographs by Prue Peters


The new autumn/winter Pretty Posie collection is finally in store, these are a couple of my favorite designs. Made in small batches with some styles being limited editions that may not be available again once sold out. Nows the time to purchase the ones you most wish for. I hope your girls will love wearing them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

xo Kelly


Photographs by Kelly McAllister


Photographs by Kelly McAllister!


Photographs by Kelly McAllister